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Digital Marketing

The Writing Box Digital Marketing Agency offers flexible and affordable website and content marketing services for startups, new businesses and entrepreneurs. Choose between monthly plans, one-off fee or “pay-as-you-go” packages.

Strategy is simple

when you have a dedicated content partner. 

Website SEO Translation

Create a competitive version of your business’s website in as many languages as you would like to kick start investing in other markets.

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Why is SEO important?

SEO means “search engine optimisation”. It is about balancing your content with what your potential clients are looking for. But more important than that, it provides the best service possible adapted to your clients’ needs, being user-centric and improving your ranking results.

Why do I need SEO translation?

You need to use competitive keywords in your content that reflects how people do their searches. You need to have market-specific content to reach your clients, a translator who will research your market and strategically translate with an SEO focus in mind.

What languages do you offer?

At The Writing Box, we offer SEO translation in Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Polish. But we can find a perfect fit for any language you need.


Website Management

Do you need a hand with your website? We will take good care of it providing a fast content update, SEO optimisation and send you a monthly report with stats and improvements.

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What is included with the service?

► Content updates in 24 hours.

► Analytics and security monitoring.

► Monthly Report with content changes impact and changes suggestions when needed.

How much does it cost?

It will depend on how many hours per month you want to hire. But plans start at £ 150 per month for 2 hours per week.

Can I “pay-as-you-go”?

Yes, you can. But you need to pay a minimum of 10 hours per month.

How to cancel the service?

Just let us know two weeks before the date you wish to get our service no longer.


Copywriting & Strategy

Have compelling user-centred content based on SEO best practices: e-commerce content, landing page and blog writing.

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How content writing helps businesses?

A good content writing service will help you define the best practices for your business and create a direct dialogue with your customers. It is about excellent writing skills combined with research data analysis to deliver the best strategy for a business.

What content writing services do you offer?

All our content services are written with the user in mind and what they are looking for. We believe that for content to be attractive, it needs to have the customer as a priority and create a strategy to make content competitive. We don’t do “fast SEO”. We research, analyse with the best tools in the market and use our creative writing to deliver the best content possible. It is about having the best keywords and compellingly use them.

What kind of content do you offer?

► SEO content writing
► E-Commerce content
► Landing page content
► Blog writing

What topics do you write content on?

We have experience in content writing across several topics. Some of them are education, healthcare, the arts and culture industry, and more.

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Content writing and copywriting are similar, but not the same. Content writing focus on informing and educating your customers. Copywriting is about the best content practices for your brand. Copywriting sells an idea, while content writing is about sharing valuable content for your customers.

How much does your content service costs?

We have monthly plans, but we also work on one-off specific projects. Get in touch, and we will find an affordable solution for you.
Check some of our copywriting services by reading The Writing Box blog.

Diversity and Inclusion Content

Optimise your content by applying diversity & inclusive practices. Review your content or create new D&I practices.

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What is Diversity?

Diversity is about understanding that every person is unique, and all differences should be respected. Having a diverse workplace means having people from different backgrounds, gender, race, language, culture, social roles, sexual orientation, education, skills and whatever a person feels it is part of their identity.

What is Inclusion?

Being inclusive means having a culture of inclusivity. It is about equal pay, equal rights and everyone feeling their opinion is equally valuable no matter who they are and how they identify themselves.

Why Diversity and Inclusion are essential for business?

To reach a wider audience and create a dialogue with your customers, you need to have diversity and inclusion in mind when deciding your content. A company with a diverse team and inclusive culture will have a rich perspective to offer their clients.

What kind of Diversity and Inclusion Content do you offer?

The Writing Box offers:

► Diversity and inclusion website content optimisation.
► Create a diversity and inclusion editorial style guide for your business.
► Create a D&I employee handbook.

Guides, E-books & Reports

By sharing your knowledge with your clients, you are being generous and, at the same time, showing what you got to offer.

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Why are guides, e-books and designed reports essential to B2B businesses?

 Today, guides, e-books and illustrated reports are part of any business investing in digital media. These marketing documents can also be called “white paper” (we prefer not to).

These have become part of any B2B business looking to grow their clients’ network, be acknowledged as a specialist, and improve Google ranking.

What is this service about?

We will develop your idea, do the research, design it*, create graphics and deliver it to you in a pdf file ready to be used and shared.

* Original design can be done upon request, but we have a catalogue of pre-made designs to use for your project.


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