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And beat writer’s block!

You need to come up with a new article idea, but you feel stuck. Every writer has felt that way. Writer’s block is a common feeling, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be painful as there are several tools these days to give that first push we need to start writing something new.

Keyword Research for better content marketing

Several SEO tools like SemRush, Moz and Ubbersuggest are a great way to start, especially writing for e-commerce. I honestly prefer to start with Answer The Public. Answer The Public gives you data that reflects what people are asking on a specific subject. It gives you the best results for “How”, “What”, “When”, “Which”, “Where”, and also prepositions (near, for, to, etc.). It also offers comparisons, which can be helpful if you are trying to write a piece on products.

To show you a few examples, I searched for “writer’s block”. These are a few of the suggestions:

“How long can writer’s block last?”
“What can cause writer’s block?”
“Where does writer’s block come from?”
“Why do we experience writer’s block?”
“Can depression cause writer’s block?”
“Writer’s block for songwriters.”

Keyword research on Answer the Public
Answer The Public result image on 20/08/2021.

From there, you can choose to start searching for content on the subject you choose, checking competitors, or you can test a few of these suggestions on SemRush, for example, which can give you an idea of the average monthly search for that term or sentence.

This is just the starting point. You will still need to write a relevant article and write it well. Don’t become a clickbait writer just writing on keywords to get clicks because Google will find you (and kick you out of the ranking)! If you are going to write something, focus on being as informative, accurate, and creative as possible. This is the right way to reach your readers. The Internet is drowning in bad content.

Writing is rewriting or Reading is the best path to creativity

To write, you have to read—a lot. There are two other great tools to help keep content writers updated on specific subjects: BuzzSumo and Feedly. There is also the possibility of following specific hashtags on Hootsuite. It is hard work to keep up with the level of the information and filter it. But it is a great way to start finding your preferred sources.

BuzzSumo is about checking the well-ranked articles on a specific subject by engagement on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reedit). It is a way to get inspired and have new ideas.

Feedly lets you create lists of sources by subject, which is also a great way to find new ideas to write. I never tried the paid version, which seems more sophisticated and lets you save as many lists as you need (the free version only gives you 3). It is not my favourite tool, as it doesn’t let me add a link I found on my own, only to find new ones. Nevertheless, it is still a better way to create a funnel on your search instead of going wild on google search.

What about you? What are your favourite tools to find ideas for content writing? Please share with us! =)

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