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Over the last two months, I have been working hard to create The Writing Box. Building the website from scratch, planning the brand, market focus, goals and values. I’ve been having a fantastic creative time nurturing this project. I believe I have always been an entrepreneur, but I have never felt more ready than now. It is an exciting moment with loads of butterflies in my stomach, but the good kind!




 So, a little about me. I am a lesbian, a woman of colour and an immigrant. I have two nationalities but five countries at heart. Equality and diversity are fundamental to me, and this inspired me to create a business where I can have this at the heart of what we do. My aim and ambition are to build a content service that focuses on helping with issues that surround things like inclusion, equality and gender. I am unapologetic in this pursuit for an inclusive and diverse world evident in business and in content. 

Coming from an anthropology background, I have been watching with concern the growth of human behaviour online being analysed only through ‘numbered’ lenses. But we are not numbers. We are human beings. This must reflect in our content, in business strategy and in brand development. Numbers matter. But nothing matters more than people. 

The future of content has to be qualitative AND quantitative. Today, you need a professional with a qualitative and quantitative approach, someone who has the academic knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and web and SEO strategy in mind. I believe this is the path to honestly know your customers and give them the best service possible. The service they deserve. The service they expect. The service they can feel connected as an individual.

These are the fundamental ideas and values that have inspired me to start my own business. I genuinely hope I can contribute to ‘humanise’ and diversify my content and yours. Inclusivity through creativity. Strategy with a qualitative approach. This is my mission statement to you. = )

Contently yours,